Hello everyone!

We just implemented Mobs that you guys are able to fight and will soon be able to gain rewards from. We also just implemented the following professions.

  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Farming
  • Wood Cutting

Much more to come! If you guys have any feedback or ideas for mobs you guys can message me on here or on the discord server.
Hey everybody!

I have been working on ForgeStorm again! We are getting close to releasing an official alpha. Right now the server is online for people to test out. You can join the hub and check it out and you can also play mini games (currently only 4 are ready to demo)! Explore your compass menu to find the button to join the mini games (or click Joseph).

Please use this as a chance to review the current build. Feel free to test any feature currently available. Mobs and more shops are coming soon. Right now there are very limited ways to earn money and very little things to buy. I understand that this makes the server not very fun, but we really just need people to test and review the content that is currently ready. Also if you wish to test the mini games you will need at least two people to play. Thanks everyone for your time and your patience, it is very much appreciated. Also thanks to @GoogleFox for all the help so far!

I will continue to make news post's on here and on our Discord channel. When something new is added, you will be able to test it! Join our Discord channel! Click this link --> https://discord.gg/NhtvMgR

Things we have left to do:
  1. Add mobs and more citizens to the hub and mini game lobby maps.
  2. Add a block shop store for player realms.
  3. Add more tutorials.
  4. Add more shops around the server.
  5. Implement more animated blocks.
  6. Finish off the hub build.
  7. Add more mini games.
  8. Gather input from testers about the build, game play, and must have mini games.

Server IP: play.ForgeStorm.com
(Note: server may go up and down as we work on it)
Hey everyone! It has been a little bit since my last blog entry so I decided to write up another one. :)

I wanted to mention that the progress of the server is great, we have a lot of new features and a new hub for players to enjoy. We will need a lot of bug testing in the future. @hposej and myself think were making something really fun! Now, as you may have noticed, our server has gone down again. This is because 1) their is no need to pay for that big server if the code isn't ready and 2) we don't want our new ideas and features stolen. So if you read the last blog post, we mentioned that the server was boring, remember? Well I think we have potentially solved this issue, our new content adds a lot of fun and exciting new ideas to Minecraft mini-game scene. I am sorry I can't speak much more about it, but just know that we are working hard. Anyways, that's all for now!

Oh! And join us in discord!!!!!


Till next time guys!
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