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By unenergizer on May 16, 2016 at 4:21 PM
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    Hello everyone!

    We have been hard at work programming our network from scratch. We code every day, rarely taking any days off. I have forgotten to keep people on the website notified with what has been going on. So that is what I will do with this post.

    We currently have been programming these projects below:
    • RPG (yes, we started it back up again)
    • Minigame Framework
    • Minigame: Infection
    • Minigame: Last Man Standing
    • Minigame: Mob Murder
    • Minigame: Grass Mower
    • Minigame: One In the Chamber
    • Minigame: Pirate Attack
    • Minigame: Sheep Shearers
    • Hub Vanity/Cosmetic plugin
    • Hub Plugin
    • Server Core Framework
    • And Ranks
    Currently our network is growing in features and we plan on releasing the minigames very soon. We are aiming to have about 20 games before we make our first release. Also, I will be starting a new job here soon that will help fund the server's development. I plan on paying for the hosting fee's and advertising. Once we have a player base and our games and all bugs are fixed, we will put the cosmetic/vanity upgrades as our main focus (so the server can earn money to stay online). After almost 2 years of development, several down times, and many years of reprogramming, 100 thousand lines of code, we are finally coming to an official release.

    I look forward to the days that are coming in the future! Also, if you ever want to test some of our work, join us on TeamSpeak and I will open up the development server to get your feedback. :)

    TeamSpeak IP:



Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by unenergizer, May 16, 2016.

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