Here has what has been done so far this week:

New Features:
  • Added Character selection/creation.
  • Added information about character classes.
  • Added real bank chests.
  • Added real "local" chat. If you are in the local chat channel, anyone within 20 blocks of you, will get your message.
  • Players get armor and a weapon with new characters.
  • Drastically improved the cosmetic look of armor and weapons metadata stats/attributes.
  • Completely rewrote the armor and weapon drop system to be more "Blizzard" like.
  • Changed the attributes for armor, weapons, and how players work.
  • Changed the drops in loot chests to include truly random armor and weapons with random attributes.
  • Changed the way drops appear in loot chests, they will now be in random spots.
  • Various performance enhancements.
  • Items can be soulbound, which means they can not be traded or sold to players. However they can be sold to merchant npc's for a small reward.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent a characters level from being restored when loaded.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent a characters experience points from being restored when loaded.
I would like to thank @Bobby and @Kaliven for helping me figure out the math behind the new attribute system. Currently it will need a lot of play testing, but it is better now, than it was before!

Note: This change-log is not complete! More updates will be added to this list before the week is over, so be sure to check back soon! These updates will be applied to the player test server once the week is over. Be sure to look for bugs and report them! :)

Note 2: This change log is now complete! We have begun working on next weeks updates!
Hello everyone!

It's that time again where we talk about whats going on with the project! Today I put in about 12 hours coding to implement the ability to have multiple characters in-game! Right now this is not completely finished. But it is far enough along that people can demo it!

Warning! Your items will not be saved when you log out. This and separate inventories will be done shortly.

In order to get it where it is now, I had to edit 27 different files with 2,020 code additions and 1,335 code deletions. Took lots of time and debugging and still has a long way to go. But we will get there!

EDIT: We now have separate inventories working. This still needs a lot of testing. If you experience items being lost or the stats on the item not looking correctly, please submit a bug report.

EDIT 2: Now supporting multiple banks per character!
Hello everyone,

As we all know, we have started pre-alpha. Everything is going great and we are finding and fixing bugs every day. That being said we have reached maximum capacity for or pre-alpha access. Right now we are reserving the rest of our pre-alpha spots for premium paid access members. I apologize for any inconveniece this may have caused you. I know everyone is hyped and wants to give the server a try.

If you would like to play our pre-alpha access and support the hardware costs of the server, please consider purchasing premium access from our server store. Each and every donation goes directly to server costs and none of it goes to any developer (including myself).

Thank you for your understanding!

Owner and Programmer
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