Hello again everyone,

I would like to take a moment and talk about the future of our network. As you all know we have been hard at work, pumping out features and builds almost every week, with little time off. We have noticed during this time, that there is a larger influx in RPG related projects throughout the entire Minecraft community, and we welcome the challenge and competition.

Throughout the past few years a few friends and I always wanted to start a Minecraft server. We custom programmed 14 mini-games, built 14 unique maps, and things just kind of tapered off because of the amount of competition. It was hard to keep people on the server for just 14 mini-games, when so many other mini-game servers existed. During this time we created some content that we thought would be fun for players and keep them on the server longer as the content could be played solo.

During a computer upgrade I came across all this old content and ideas that we had. In an effort to be original I have decided to release another game before the large Fantasy RPG. There are several reasons for this, including the map for this game already being finished. Now you may be wondering what the map is and if development will stop on the RPG code! Well let me answer these questions for you. To be clear, RPG plugin development will not stop. It is extremely fun making the plugin and I have learned a lot about the Bukkit/Spigot API. I am confident we can create anything any other major network can make. The side project will implement the RPG plugin and code (with slight modifications) to bring you an old game-mode that has been completely revamped and reshaped. No other server will have the features of this game. The level of detail on this map is also completely unmatched by any server within the same game genera. We look forward to bringing you an unappalled RPG experience on this revamped game-mode.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I am sure the next big question is, “what is this game-mode?” Well I am not going to release the information for that to the public yet but just know that is coming in the future.

Also I should note that we will be removing some beta-testers due to not having any activity on the forums or server. This will free up spots for future testers. If you have been active and you make posts, then you have nothing to worry about, your rank will not be removed.

This weekend we will be releasing the new Hub with a custom plugins, with open and free access to a creative build server where anyone can contribute to the success of MinePile. This is just a small start to a network that is much larger and more detailed project.

All in all, we have some big things planned for this project and we can’t wait to see you guys and gals in game! It has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you. During this experience I have learned a lot about creating a community, developing a home-grown project, and also a lot about myself. I look forward to the future and know we will not stop! We are going straight to the top, even if it’s a slow climb, I am confident all of our skills combined will help turn something small into something large and desirable!
It's that time again, where I list what I am working on for the server!

Here are this week's current updates. :cool:

New features:
  • World/block protection has been removed from the plugin and is now relying on WorldGuard plugin.
  • Soulbound items will now be deleted if they are dropped.
  • Added ability to switch characters in the players Game Menu (compass).
  • Replaced /help with a nicely formatted book of information, including commands.
  • Added hearthstone so players can teleport back to their last home location.
  • Added guild creation.
  • Added ability to set guild tag.
  • Added guild tag to player messages in chat.
  • Coming soon.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed the compass menu from duplicating when a drop is attempted.
  • Fixed being able to put the compass menu into all inventories.
  • Fixed being able to move all types of items into inventory menus.

The changes listed above are not final. This change log will not be considered to be complete until 10/18/2015. At that time, a new thread will be created showcasing next weeks new updates. The updates published above will not be uploaded onto the online test server until about Sunday afternoon.
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