Hello everyone,

I am back with a little bit of news. As the title states, we are currently looking for some new staff members! Below is a detailed list of positions we would like to fill. Please remember that the MinePile team is a group of volunteers and we take pride in our work. Serious applicants only, please.

Positions Open Index:

  1. Game Designer
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Forum Manager
  4. Event Organizer
  5. Asset Builder
  6. Terrain Artist
  7. Building Laborer

Game Designer
The game designer is the most powerful position we are offering. Why is it the most powerful position? Game designer will give you the ability to personally shape and create a network. The actions of the Game Designer will directly influence how the games are designed and implemented.

Job details:
  • Create/Manage excel, word, and other documentation related to the planning and creation of all network services.
  • Design and document new features.
  • Serve as a strong and positive influence for the creation of the service.
Applicant requirements:
  • Extensive knowledge on the subject of game design. There are many books on the subject.
  • Logical understanding on how components should work in a game.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Minecraft game and its mechanics.
  • Very organized individual.
  • Creative!
  • Microphone and Skype.
  • No programming experience required.

Forum Manager
The forum manager is an organized and talented individual who will assist in the organization of all things forum related.

Job details:
  • Create, organize, and manage forum nodes.
  • Help improve the overall experience and quality of the forum.
Applicant requirements:
  • Extensive knowledge of XenForo community software.
  • Extensive knowledge of how to use other XenForo plugins.
  • Very organized individual.
  • Creative!
  • Microphone and Skype.
  • No programming experienced required.

Event Organizer
The event organizer, is a person who will help with creating, planning and advertising special events for the MinePile community.

Job details:
  • Create, plan, organize, and run events for the MinePile network.
  • Promote/advertise these events on other websites.
  • Bring fun and exciting things to the community!
Applicant requirements:
  • Creative and fun person!
  • Easy ability to make new friends.
  • Organized and well spoken.

Asset Builder
An asset builder is an individual who builds different things for the server to use. This is an extremely important position. One of the most important positions available. Every player that joins the server will see your creations. Since first impressions are everything, your creations will be held to a very strict level of quality. As an asset builder, you may have to revision or redo parts of your content.

Job details:
  • Create new assets in our creative world (buildings, floral, etc)
  • Organize and help manage the asset world.
Applicant requirements:
  • Creative!
  • Lots of experience building and learning new build styles.
  • A understanding of depth, detail, and planning.

Terrain Artist
The terrain artist is an individual who will assets in creating hand crafted worlds from scratch. This is an extremely important job! A terrain artist literally shapes the world the player will play through and experience. Your creations will be what every player see's first.

Job details:
  • Create realistic worlds and realistic terrain from scratch.
  • Design and implement new styles to create more dynamic landscapes.
  • Use tools such as WorldPainter, WorldMachine, WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, and more.
Applicant requirements:
  • Creative!
  • Organized!
  • Extensive knowledge of depth, detail, and design.
  • Understanding of real world terrain mechanics.
  • Understanding of how real world terrain is formed.
  • Experience with WorldPainter, WorldMachine, WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, and others.

Building Laborer
A building laborer may not be a skilled builder, but they are dedicated team players who can help various elements of building. These things might including copy/pasting items from the asset world to the build world. This might include placing grass, destroying blocks, adding stuff, and much more.

Job details:
  • Assist world artists and asset builders in the creation of unique worlds and play areas.
  • Perform various tasks as needed by the build team leader.
  • Use WorldEdit to copy and paste assets as needed.
Job requirements:
  • Works well with others.
  • Follows tasks given to them.
  • Works quickly to resolve issues.
  • Can put up with slightly repetitive tasks.

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Hello everyone!

We experienced a bit of downtime due to a error when upgrading the website. I was able to fully recover the website database, after an abrupt shutdown of the server during the upgrading process. :rage: At this time, all avatars are lost. Because of this annoyance, I have allowed the upload of custom avatars. Enjoy! :D

Also I have added about 90 smilies so you can express yourself's with those if you choose too!

We also added a Facebook page at the bottom! We would appreciate it if you like/follow our page! :happy:

Thanks for your continued support!

Hello everyone,

I would like to take the time to introduce a few new staff members to the forums and community!


First, I would like to start of by introducing someone who has been here for awhile. @hellspawn3200 was promoted to a moderator some time back. He has been an active member of the forums, helped build on the server, and has provided lots of feedback. Thanks for all your help!


@codeman has joined the team. Codeman is a programmer that has joined us and will be helping implement features and fix bugs. He has already made some useful utilities for us and all the code looks very professional. Thanks @codeman!

I would like to introduce @hposej who has been a long time builder. He has recently teamed up with us in an effort to help code the plugins. He'll continue to work along side us as the project progresses. Hposej is also the build team leader. He is in charge of helping manage builders and builds.


I would also like to thank a few people who have been helping produce custom models and other content for the server.

@CaveyJ for helping with making models and textures. He constantly helps manage and keep an eye on things when I am busy. I appreciate your support.

@Cyberlogical for helping with models and textures. She has made some creative and unique things for you all to enjoy on the server. She continues to provide support and her help is greatly appreciated! She also taught me a few things about Africa and Australia which was pretty cool!

@cloudfr for helping with the build process on the hub and our other worlds. Your custom hand made terrain is the best!

Server Progress:
Updates on the server are coming soon! A beta release is coming soon too! We are all super excited about bringing you a fun game mode. The name and type of game mode will be announced soon!

Also please take a moment and thank these individuals! They have contributed a lot and without them the project would take even longer! Thanks ladies and gents!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Please forgive me if I left off any names!
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