Just wanted to let everyone know that I did some cleanup on the forums. I removed some forum categories and added some new ones! Not only did we get some new ones, I spent some time reorganizing the layout of the forums. It should be much easier now to find and post content!

In addition to the forum cleanup, I did some rank cleanup. I have removed the alpha tester rank. The reason I removed the alpha tester rank was because we no longer need it. Everyone that had that rank was restored back to their previous rank.

Premium supporter ranks were not removed.

While working on the ranks I also cleaned up the permission systems. So if you are trying to do something on the forum and do not have permissions, please let me know and I will fix it!

Hello everyone!

We have opened up a TeamSpeak 3 server and would like you to join! Meet our team, hang out with the guys, play games, and more! It's easy to join and fun to hangout and chill.


No password required!

- Andrew
Greetings everyone!

MinePile is undergoing some changes for upcoming content releases! This includes a new name and look! I have spent several hours porting and getting the website ready on the new domain! From here on out we will be known as the ForgeStorm community!

The next few days I will finish the migration with a complete forum node and thread clean up. Some forums will be moved around and some new ones will be made!

Some issues from the server migration:
  • Some image links may not work.
  • Avatars have been reset.
    • New default avatars have been added to "fix" this.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them below!

Cheers guys!
-unenergizer / Andrew
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