Hello everyone!

After many months of work, we have finally got a server up and running! Our code is still new, so you may find bugs and at times the server might break from them. If you experience bugs or want to suggest ideas, then please post them!

Over the next several weeks we will be adding more and more minigames and a creative server!

So what are you waiting for??? Join now!


(remember to post bugs)
Hello everyone!

We have been hard at work programming our network from scratch. We code every day, rarely taking any days off. I have forgotten to keep people on the website notified with what has been going on. So that is what I will do with this post.

We currently have been programming these projects below:
  • RPG (yes, we started it back up again)
  • Minigame Framework
  • Minigame: Infection
  • Minigame: Last Man Standing
  • Minigame: Mob Murder
  • Minigame: Grass Mower
  • Minigame: One In the Chamber
  • Minigame: Pirate Attack
  • Minigame: Sheep Shearers
  • Hub Vanity/Cosmetic plugin
  • Hub Plugin
  • Server Core Framework
  • And Ranks
Currently our network is growing in features and we plan on releasing the minigames very soon. We are aiming to have about 20 games before we make our first release. Also, I will be starting a new job here soon that will help fund the server's development. I plan on paying for the hosting fee's and advertising. Once we have a player base and our games and all bugs are fixed, we will put the cosmetic/vanity upgrades as our main focus (so the server can earn money to stay online). After almost 2 years of development, several down times, and many years of reprogramming, 100 thousand lines of code, we are finally coming to an official release.

I look forward to the days that are coming in the future! Also, if you ever want to test some of our work, join us on TeamSpeak and I will open up the development server to get your feedback. :)

TeamSpeak IP: ts.forgestorm.com



For the past several weeks @hposej and myself have been hard at work programming a minigame framework completely from scratch. I would like to announce today that the framework is about to reach beta!

So what does this mean for Forge Storm (formerly MinePile)? It means we are about to go into the heavy testing phase of the development process where we need YOUR help finding and resolving bugs!

But before we get more into the testing information, lets review what our framework is, and what it does!

Note: The above video is from 2014 and is not the current framework.
However it does look similar to the current version.

The Minigame framework currently has the following features:
  • Is the base/core for all our future minigames!
  • Dynamically loads/unload an unlimited number of minigames. Similar to the Mineplex Arcade!
  • Supports map roll back! Players can COMPLETELY destroy our minigame maps, and they will always be rolled back!
  • Supports Kits! Players will be able to purchase, unlock, and earn kits! Kits are displayed similar to Mineplex with kit mobs! Kits can NOT be purchased with real money.
  • Teams! Our framework supports an unlimited number of teams! So we can create games that have 1 or 100 teams!
  • Supports an unlimited number of players! We can host games from 1 player to 100 players or more!
  • Spectators mode! You can "ride/spectate" game players and see exactly what they see!
  • Spectator free roam mode! Hey the big servers do it, so we will too!
  • Server wide saved data! We save all your scores, in game money, and more! You will be able to play on any server and always have access to your stats!
  • Advanced scoreboards! You will get a ton of information from these special scoreboards, similar to all the big servers!
  • Achievements! You will be able to unlock and earn achievements in game! Some achievements will unlock kits!
  • We currently have created 3 games (but more are coming soon)!
  • And much more, currently secret stuff! :)
Why Minigames?
The minigames idea was influenced by my roommates and I playing a LOT of Mario Party games. After playing about 5 different ones, I was eager to see if I could create some in Minecraft. So at that time, I started developing the minigame framework.

Where is the RPG (previous project)?
The previous project we were working on was a remake of the Dungeon Realms server from scratch. While the code still exist and all our work, we halted the development due to Dungeon Realms actually coming back. Although recently it seems their developers have stopped working on it. We plan on opening this project back up in the future when we have a bigger team. We feel that the minigames will pull in more players and allow us to expand our development team. When this happens, prepare for MCRPG madness!

Where do we go from here?

We need testers and we need unique game ideas. If you want to test the minigames, then join us on our Teamspeak 3 server! IP: ts.ForgeStorm.com

If you have unique minigame ideas, we would love to hear them! If we use your minigame idea, we will credit you! So everytime your game is played, players will see your name before the game starts! If you would like to suggest a minigame idea, please post it in this forum.

We look forward to seeing you in game!

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