Begin A New Adventure!

Coming soon, a new Minecraft experience!

Here is some video footage of "One in the Chamber." This video features many upgrades and features over the last video. Also we have a fully functional game. :)

If you want to see something funny, watch the video till the very end. :p

Soon I will be developing a few different games. If you have ideas for games please post them here: Server and Website Suggestions.

Creation of 5 Departments - Per Project (WorldForging / Development / Minigames etc )


People can occupy multiple departments but may not work for touching departments on the chart below (exception customers) -- Payment for positions based on work done,

  • Design(Project Manager)
    • Comes up with Plans for Server(new features)
    • Passes Output to Designated Contributors
  • Contributors(Coordinators)
    • Take input from Design and provides feedback
    • Has single power over feature and can send back to designers
    • Approved features are output to Development
  • Development(Dev)
    • Does the Code work - and provides Documentation on how it should work.
    • Can Veto a feature only on it NOT being POSSIBLE
    • Outputs to Operations for Final Aproval to Go-live with Feature.
  • QA
    • Checks the feature against documentation
    • Can Veto a feature back to Development if its not working as intended.
    • Can output to Operations, which releases product.
  • Operations(support)
    • Can Veto a feature back to QA if they find a bug.
    • Delivers content to Customers
    • Takes Customer Feedback and passes it to Design
    • Runs Server Day-To-Day (Moderation and Support)
      • Guides -- Helpers who answer questions
      • Mods -- moderate chat/catch cheaters
      • Admins -- Tier II Mods

Each Staff member would have roles associated, example:

Unenergizer -- Designer, Developer,

Kaliven -- Designer, QA,

A head of Each Department should be assigned as soon as possible, and they should pick their own staff.

New Staff Heads should be elected by other existing staff heads.

A Staff member can only be head of one department.


Now that you understand how Staff works, we'll be looking for people for:

Designing (this can be buildings/plugins/Rules)
Contributors (read about plugins/buildings/designs and provide feedback.)
Development (this can be buildings/plugins/rules)
Quality Assurance (testing buildings/town for gaps players can get stuck, or plugin for bugs)

Once Servers are open to public, we'll need Operations staff:

Guides (answer questions from new players)
Mods (Catching rule-breakers and such)

So if you'd like a staff position, why don't you tell us what you'd like to do below, (remember you can do multiple things) and we'll start making selections!

We have been working hard on finalizing the City Planning for Darktide City 4.0 and have come out with something interesting and unique for this time around (but easier to navigate than 3.0 was, promise)

The underctiy is about 50% done and the overcity will be layed out this week.

DarkTideCity 4-Work In progress.

DarkTide City 4 has 2 Layers, as if the industrial city is built on top of another, the original city, was a temple to a fire god or something similar, the elements of the two architectures bleed into each other, with ruins buildings on the surface, and industrial structures below.

  • “Dark Steampunk Theme”, Industrial Revolution
  • No player owned shops
  • Factories
  • Lots of Metal
  • Dark Woods
  • Not a Lot of Greenery
  • Nicer houses of various sizes

  • Ruined Temple to the Lava/Fire gods (pillars/fire lake of Lava)
  • Geothermal Pipes Pump Lava to the surface for Energy
  • Lots of Stone some cobble, netherack, coal/obsidian, woods/sandstone
  • Slums where “the poor” live (probably not safe!)
  • Mage tower Starts down here, and breaks up to the overcity.

Goods and Services
  • Bank, With an “Elevator” Portal between Lower and Upper floors. for realism purposes, hooked up to a button, and Teleport between the two floors, push button to activate Dumb-waiter, “going up, going down” ding! (this concept is used throughout the build for travel)
    • Expandable Bank chest for storage (Some slots free, the rest donor Perk)
    • Storage for wealth!
  • Textile Factory
    • Buys Wool of any color
    • Sells: The Following
      • String
      • Wool of all Colors
  • Quarry
    • Buys Smoothstone/Netherrack/Clay Item
    • Sells the following:
      • Cobblestone,
      • Smoothstone, Cracked brick, bricks, Chiseled stone
      • Gravel
      • Sand Stone
      • Netherbrick/brick
      • Clay blocks of all Colors.
  • Lumbermill
    • Industrial TREE EATIN'
    • Buys: Logs of all types
    • Sells: Logs of all types
  • Foundry
    • WAR!!!!
    • Buys: iron and diamonds
    • Sells Weapons, Tools and Armors of all types.
  • Bottling company(like a Coca-Cola factory for POTIONS!)
    • Sells Potions
    • Buys Potion Components
  • Train stations that act as warps to various map positions within the City, push a button and get on the train, then push a button for your stop.
  • Meat Processing Plant
    • Buys Pork/Beef
  • Fast Food Chains
    • Sells Food
Hope you enjoyed the preview of the Plan for DT4, we'll be leaking weekly Screenshots =)
lets try this again with even better pictures!

The new Mage tower 4.0 in The default skin:


The new Mage tower 4.0 in the Server's resource pack:


Oh but wait this version of the Mage Tower has a special trick...

At night, it lights up!


And in the Resource pack:

When you spawn in, you will spawn in the top of the mage tower and fall down the light(if its night)....


oh and the View from the inside:




Hi everyone :D

I'm back again with another update!

Build Progress:

We have started on the main Hub build. This world will link all of our servers instances together making for a seamless transition between game-modes. DarkTide still needs a ton of work. This will be the most detailed map that we have ever made. I will make you this promise it will be fun and have the same type features as your favorite old DarkTide games.

If you are unaware what DarkTide is, here is a short description. DarkTide is a pvp survival world with some very important rules and features that make it unique.

Coding Progress:

Minigames getting closer! Here is an image of me posing for a picture with my friend Bob. However in game, we call him Kit 3 ;D


That is all for now, as more is finished I will update the news! If you have minigame suggestions then please post them in the forums.

Yes, we are still here!

It has been over a month since the last update. For the past month I have been working on the core framework of the server and mini-games! Development has come a long way and we now have a working prototype of a mini-game and the core framework needed to make it happen. All of it is 100% custom as you will be able to tell when you get to play the game. A simple run of the /plugins command will reveal our secrets.

Here is a screenshot of my development environment, including a screenshot of the lobby and onscreen elements.


While making the plugins for the server, I have restarted them, 5 times. Each time the rewrite would get better and better. Heck I even gave one version away for free. Here is that version, with a video.

Note: I am hesitant showing this video because this version of the code we do not use. However it shows that the code works and the basics are made. The current version of our custom plugins are much more polished and the lobby map for this world is near finished. This video only shows basic functionality and should not be viewed as a finished product. Notice the date in the video.

Map Builds:
Anyhow lets move away from coding development to building development. The DarkTide spawn is still in need of work. I have been thinking about out-sourcing the work to a build team and paying them to get that finished. Honestly I'm just ready to have that map finished. When it is finished I can start the development for the custom features it will have.

Right now we are using a white-list to prevent ripping of our builds and our work. I don't like to work in secrecy, but it is now necessary. In order to protect the servers originality and all the hard work by everyone we want to keep it private access. White-list access will be provided for testing purposes only, unless you are being directly involved with the build process. This is also why this update doesn't include any pictures.

I would like to say thanks to @cloudfr for his help with the builds. He has put in countless hours into making this work!


Now that the prison server is almost done, it is time to start working on the DarkTide map again. The remaining work on the Prison server is all configuration and programming work. I will be doing the finishing touches on the map and when it and DarkTide are ready, we will begin beta testing of our service.

If you would like to help build on the DarkTide map, please post a builder application in the Minecraft Forum. If you help with the building of any map on the server, you will be credited with an NPC with your name and skin in a credits section of the server.

As I mentioned in last week's post, I have started programming plugins for the server. I have been playing around making a few different custom things. I am confident that I can create the plugins needed to bring a unique experience to the server. That being said, I have started playing around with mini-game development. I have started a 100% custom mini-game framework for the server.

So this is how I envision the MinePile network. I want a place where people can go play mini-games, prison server, survival server, and skyblock. All of these servers will be linked together with hubs. If the server your playing on restarts, you will be brought back to the hub instead of being kicked off the server. Also you will earn achievements in all different game modes, including all mini-games, prison server, survival server, and the skyblock server. These achievements and other stats will be displayed on the website for you and everyone to see.

We have a lot planned and a lot more to do and build. It may take at least 6-12 months to get to MinePile 1.0, but we will keep working on it!

Also, I want to say thank you to Cloudfr, PrinceMak, Encoded2, Robert_Fr, and everyone else who has signed onto the server to give their opinions and to check stuff out.

Anyways, that's all for now!


P.S. If you have questions please post them in the comments :D


The video above shows the datacenter (shown at end) we will be using to host our server! Want to know more about the hardware? Here you go!

Right now that server is a bit overkill for what we need. But that server will allow us to host all of our services on one machine. Currently we have 4gb ram, but will be jumping from 4gb to 64gb ram before the server goes live!

More news is coming! :D

Whats up awesome people of MinePile and DarkTide Games, we have another update for you!

We have been working hard on all aspects of the server. Here is a list of what is new.

New this week:
  • Server Hardware
    • Server ram upgrade from 2gb to 4gb ram. (this is not final upgrade)
  • Server Build
    • C block dungeon has been installed into the map and is ready for mobs.
  • Plugin Programming
    • I have started developing the E-Cash module
  • Server Plugins/Config
    • Mines are ready
What is left:
  • Server Build:
    1. 1 Dungeon
    2. Warden House interior (in progress)
    3. Additional secret rooms (ongoing)
  • Server Plugins:
    • Premade:
      • Need to add map border protection.
      • Install and configure chest protection.
      • It looks like the rent signs broke and may need to be replaced :(
  • Website:
    • Need to integrate server stats into website.
    • Need to setup usergroups.
    • Need to colorize usergroups.
    • Need to install media section software.
    • Need to finish making forum categories.
So we have started the development on our E-Cash plugin. This plugin will give you cosmetic upgrades and other unique features based on your server instance (prision, darktide, skyblock, etc). More information will be released on this in the future. As the server is being developed, I will be giving out free E-Cash for testing purposes.

Well that is it for this week. If you have any suggestions, questions, or feature requests, please post them! I will read and reply to all of these posts. Anyways, have a great week guys! Make sure to get involved!

Hi everyone,

Everyone who works on the project takes pride on what they are building. Everything that is made is made with care and almost everything is hand made. We used some world edit to do a lot of repetitive features, like adding prison cell's into a building. However, all landscape on the island is handmade with not wold edit help. I mean everything that is green or stone that is above water was hand placed and crated. All landscape period is custom generated specifically for this project. There is even greater detail inside. Now, I can go on and on about how much work and effort has gone into this build, but that's not why I am making this post.

Today I would like to announce a new posting series called "Have you seen." This series of threads and posts on the forums will introduce you to content that you may not have known existed previously. That being said, the first Have you Seen is going to be over our lovely map.

To access server map's go to and you will be taken to a section of the website that you can choose what map you want to view. Currently, only the prison map is available for view. DarkTide map will show beginning spawn and landscape, before it is built on. We are currently unsure if we want to release map's of updated player structures. More on that will be covered in the future.

Anyway, here is a little preview image of the map!




P.S. The prison build isn't completed, but when it is, the maps will be updated.